Late-Middle-Aged to Early-Old Crazy Art Lady

Goes to the Beach Here’s my annual piece of recklessness. I am poised to turn sixty. Poised? That makes it sound elegant and uncomplicated, which would be untrue. Don’t get me wrong. I am exceedingly grateful to be a privileged, … Continue reading

Middle-aged Crazy Art Lady

What will YOU do on your artist date? So I’m in the middle of a national park, in the middle of a bad hair decade. Decade. I can’t avoid the fact that I’m a Middle-aged Crazy Lady wearing baggy pants, … Continue reading

Sometimes you’ve just gotta

go to your Happy Place. Do not pass Go. Do not collect two hundred dollars. Get out of the house, your worrybrain, your care duties and connect with nature. Once there, you don’t know what you might do. Turns out, … Continue reading

Between a Rock and a Soft Place

The Opposite of Anxiety I’m breaking my own rules. Best kind to break. Instead of waiting an entire whole year to share another ‘Late Middle-Aged to Early-Old Crazy Art Lady’ adventure, here’s a tale for you a mere two weeks since … Continue reading