David Swain’s Lyric Life?

I was lucky. I had a good variety of Dad. It’s Father’s Day this weekend in Oz. We are being encouraged to buy buy buy. Wearing our Covid-safe masks, we queue at acceptable distance out the door of the post … Continue reading

Climbing Trees, Knowing Home

How lucky am I? My original muse was David Swain. He helped me find my niche. He helped me find my balance. He helped me find my footing. He helped me know home. My original muse, David Swain (1923 – 2010) would … Continue reading

Oh Bowie Oh

Space Odditea. That’s what I called my 2013 exhibition at Beyond the Ordinary Teahouse. Surprise surprise – lots of teacups. Would you like to see the painting I called ‘Space Odditea’? It’s never before been seen by non-Sally eyes. If not now, … Continue reading