Do you dare?

Playing with my new Brilliants

Yes, that is their name. Brilliants. Art’s honest truth. Micador watercolour round palette portable set of TWENTY FOUR.

A Heart Might Grow in a Prickly Place
Sally Swain © art


watercolour brilliant art

Tree Or Body?
Sally Swain © art

I’m loving them. They weren’t that easy to track down, either. A set of 12 is more common, but hey – 24 means there’s a deeply nourishing rosey crimson, a bottle green, a sheeny cream and more than one shade of yellow.

Uluru watercolour

the water in the air
the air in the earth
the earth in the water    (ooo that Uluru continues to permeate my being and emerge in unexpected moments)
Sally Swain © art

I don’t often crave an art material. In this case, I coveted my friend’s set of 24 Brilliants in the way that you might have had an aching desire for a set of 72 Derwents (coloured pencils) when you were in primary school in the 60s or 70s. Did you?

Oh. And have I told you

I am the proud owner of 24 Brilliants?

My car and house might be falling apart; care responsibilities might be denting my soul, but

I have 24 Brilliants. Global warming might be ruining the planet for future generations; the entire state of NSW might be in severe drought (who remembers what rain smells like?), but I have 24 Brilliants. Parliamentarians might speak unspeakably racist words; they might exacerbate mental anguish of innocent asylum seekers, but I have 24 Brilliants. 

{That’s quite enough politics, now, Sally, for one light-filled Art and Soul Space blog.}

{Here’s Uluru post if you wish to reconnect with expansiveness}

stripes watercolour art play

In the Land of the Brilliant Ripe Stripe Sally Swain © art

I’m just experimenting and exploring with the colours.

Little pictures emerge.

watercolour flower power

You might be small,
but you’re powerful
Sally Swain © art

Here’s my challenge to you:

Would you be willing to write

an exceedingly short story or a poem

sparked by one of these paintings?
80 words or less?

Do you dare?

I’d be thrilled if so.

Here’s a link to vividness. (Micador watercolour disc 24 Brilliants)

with love, art and soul from Sally


14 thoughts on “Do you dare?

  1. Fire-y flower floating in an aqua pool
    Flames of orange tinkling
    Reds and yellows crinkling
    Verdant greens encircling – you are so cool!

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    • Well my darling – YOU are so cool! Not to mention gorgeously responsively warm. Thank you. I am delighted. Delighted that you perused my blog post; that you engaged the time, space and creativity to write a vivid poem. Wow.


  2. Aw Sally, your Brilliants are Brilliant! Such gorgeous paintings already flowing out of you via those Brilliants! I love how excited you are to have them in your life! I think I might have to get me some too – all those yummy colours in their nifty circles..mmm! Thank you for your challenge. Love your juicy colourful poem Christine! Here is my little offering – kind of a poem, kind of a letter. Love Sally M xox

    An Ode to the Bees

    Dear Bees,
    Thank you for continuing to Beelieve in us.
    Yes thank you for not giving up on us.
    I honestly wouldn’t blame you if you did.
    One hundred and fifty million years of evolution
    has obviously left its mark on you
    And your Bee wisdom seems to know no bounds.
    Service is your middle name isn’t it?
    You are made of light – pure life force that is.
    I Beelieve in you too Bees.
    You might be small but you’re
    Beyond measure.

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    • My heart is touched. Oh so touched. That is an un-BEE-lievably BEE-autiful poem, Sally M. To totally misquote Gandhi, BEE the wisdom you want to see in the world. Thank you for the delight, colour and Brilliance you bring. xxx


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