The Joy of Making Art Together

My sister and niece visit from interstate about four times a year.

We try to squeeze an art play session in there in amongst the family events schedule.

butterfly art glitter

Ruby’s Butterfly

We let loose.

We love our shared art-making.

We are all together, yet each working on our own piece.

We coast between silent absorption and chit-chatting or singing. Sometimes there’s a drama

when the picture ‘goes wrong’. We usually get through that, out the other side and sail to the land of art-making happiness.

We have a fresh focus or different materials every visit.

This time, it was the fabric extravaganza.

green fabric remnant

fabrics from the green hued remnants bag

It went like so:

Make your own unique piece on a teeny small square canvas.

Whatever emerges is fine.

If it’s meaningful to you for where you’re at, all good.

If you have no idea what you’re going to create until you begin, all OK.

As much as you can,

trust the process.

You might have a serious glitch along the way and have to adjust and adapt, or the unfolding art story might just flow smoothly on this occasion.

red gold fabric flower art


Did you see my red and gold flower picture last week? I think it simply arose from Fabric Treasure Cave Sensual Delight combined with an impulse to cut out petal shapes.

(see Scraps, Glorious Scraps for the delicious backstory)

Niece Ruby (aged eleven) and sister Jennie (aged somewhat more than eleven) have kindly given permission for me to share their artworks with you.

forest collage art

Jennie’s Forest of 2017 opening out into the Freedom of 2018

butterfly art glitter

Ruby’s Butterfly

How gorgeous are they?

I hear the resounding reply of ‘Very very gorgeous’. And what’s more, they hold special meaning for each of the artists.

Here’s a glimpse of other fabric – items on the washing line under the palm tree – in truth, I’m creating a sweet pause before I say something difficult….

washing line

washing line

Now, the time has come for me to make a sober announcement. It is the day for me to do The Thing I have been avoiding.
(Breathe. Breathe)

(Don’t panic)

I’ve been blogging weekly every Friday since I began Art and Soul Space in May, 2015. I feel I must go fortnightly for a while. I still love connecting with you. I still love writing, painting, musing. Life seems increasingly full and I’ve been advised to up the ante with my self-care and solo creative space.
Let’s try it out. Will you come with me on this slightly different adventure? I hope so.

pineapple tea towel

pineapples on the washing line

Wishing you pink pineapples and the joy of art-making
with love, art and soul from Sally


10 thoughts on “The Joy of Making Art Together

  1. Sally, of course I will come with you, fortnightly is fine … you brighten up the inbox and your enthusiasm splashes out all over the office floor. You are like your art works, maturing and expanding as the spirit leads you. Thanks a million for your brightness and blessings on ‘the other week’ when you are creating and hidden. Christine

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  2. Hi beautiful Sally ❤️ Fortnightly sounds great! The weeks seem to wizz by don’t they. I’ll be tuning in to the new fortnightly rhythm with much gratitude. Whenever I read your blog I feel completely inspired and refreshed. It’s like having a Sally-Art-Bath! AND… ***Good on you*** and massive hoorays for upping your self care. So wise and crucial. And I loved hearing about your special sis and niece art-playtime & seeing the gorgeous luscious results from you 3 artists. What a very wonderful thing to share ❤️ Much love to you!

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    • Thank you dear wondrous Sally M the creative wordsmith. It’s lovely to hear from you and receive your seal of approval. Hope you are managing the self-care too. And Happy New Year, if I haven’t already said it. x


  3. I really don’t think the frequency is nearly as important as what you bring to each thought or image you share. Good for you for taking the time you need for YOU. I will continue to keep checking back with you and I wish you the best of adventures in 2018. Enjoy the extra time and opportunity this grants you.

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