The Nature of Nature

Creative or Crazy?

tangled tree Swain photo

Creative or Crazy?

Malformed or Beautiful?

horizontal tree trunk

Malformed or Beautiful?

Is this a tree? It doesn’t look normal. Its roots are where its trunk should be.

Could this indeed be the Tree for Our Times?

It shouldn’t

exist. It’s all wrong.

Its branches are elephantine bridges between two vertical structures. Or are they branches? What to call individual elements when they don’t correspond to pre-ordained ideas of Tree? This creature is uncategisorable. It is a misfit. It is alone.

vertical tree roots

And yet … and yet …

And yet … and yet …

It stands proud on a hill, breathing the salt of the ocean. It has generated its own ecosystem. It offers shelter and shade, succour and sustenance.

And yet … and yet … it thrives. It drinks moisture from the sandstone cliff. It has rich, shiny leaves. It curves, curls and grows. It doesn’t hide or go away just because it’s different.

I find it exquisite.

tree unusual odd beauty

I find it exquisite

Long ago, someone carved deep into its horizontal branch-trunk the phrase, ‘The Nature of Nature’.

Nature Tree Carving

The Nature …


tree trunk branch odd beauty

… of Nature

Let’s celebrate the Nature of Nature.

The Nature of Nature is winding, tangled, messy. The Nature of Nature is strange and mysterious. The Nature of Nature is not neatly boxed or compartmentalised. The Nature of Nature contains its own powerful life force, encompassing old, new, great and small, as well as death and birth.

The Nature of Creativity

is wacky, wild

and non-conformist.

We need to cultivate

odd, beauteous creativity

in our world.

nature creativity

Root or branch?
Branch or trunk?
Wild Creativity
must be cultivated.

We really do.


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