What’s with all the hearts?


are just about the only thing coming out of my brush at the moment.

art heart paint Swain

Musical Swirly Heart
layered, acrylic paintage















Why the hearts?
Ah, she says mysteriously,

all will be revealed next Friday, but meanwhile,

here’s an atypically simple heart

(Sally rarely does simple,

being a busy-headed creature),

watercolour heart art

Unusually Zen Heart
and white pen

a complex heart

painted while listening to my sister read her amazing work-in-progress

(yes. complexity. more typical),


heart art paint

A Listening Sister Pools Heart

another complex heart

painted while I spoke with my sister about my work-in-progress,

(see Sister Pools Creative Support Partnership)


art heart painting busy Swain

The Busy Art Heart Speaks of All its Projects
I wonder why the fish.
Any thoughts?
Might they represent flowing life zooming around inside the heart?

a mess of hearts

on paper towel,

(See here for texta on paper towel as Response Art in aged care)


heart art aged care

Fairly Lurid Texta-and-Water Hearts on a Paper Towel after an aged care art therapy session

and last but not least,

a heart layered onto sheet music.

art heart paint Swain

Musical Swirly Heart
layered, acrylic paintage

I recall an art therapy client saying to me years ago, as she painted a heart,
‘You must see so many hearts. I bet every second client paints a heart’.

Well, yes. Well, no.
It’s more like every seventh client paints a heart.

This person suddenly felt self-conscious. She felt she was drawing a cliche. She feared she was not special, but just a cookie-cutter clone, the same as everyone else aspiring to express their fabulous fullness of being.

I’ve witnessed the creation of many a heart in my sweet, creatively nurturing space.

The thing is, every heart is different. Each one is painted, drawn, sculpted with a different energy, a different gesture. Each heart has its own stance and expression.

Each heart is precious. Each heart is unique.

Let me leave you with these artful heartful thoughts as I complete the shh hush- hush project all ready for the Big Reveal next Friday.

Do you ever find yourself painting hearts?

with love, art and soul from Sally

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  1. Thank you Sally. These are so beautiful and heartiful! “The Busy Art Heart Speaks of All its Projects” reminds me of a brain too. I think maybe your brain is full of love! xoxo

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