Sculpture by the Sea

is a collaboration between

Sculpture by Sea

High Tide
Tsukasa Nakahara

art, nature and community.

An endless stream of all types of people

views, talks, walks

along a divine stretch of coastline. 

Sculpture by Sea art

Great Southern Noongar
Janine McAullay Bott

Some sculptures

consciously collaborate

with the elements.

They change dramatically

over the days.

art collaboration nature

Rise and Fall
Small Ocean Collaboration with Jeremy Sheehan

This figure perches

high on the cliff with its friends. It is made from sand; designed to weather, flop and crumble.

Some sculptures are witty.

Sculpture Sea

Inconvenience Store
(signs outside the door of entire constructed shop displaying items retrieved from the sea as if they are for sale)
Marina Debris

Sculpture Sea art

Inconvenience Store
Marina Debris
Santa Hats found washed up on the shore ‘for sale’ in the shop, with Bah Humbug label

Some are pretty.

Sculpture by Sea

Swirling Surround
B. Jane Cowie

sculpture light sea

Wind Reflections
Rhiannon West

Some have indoor counterparts

in theMark’s Park

‘Sculpture Inside’ gallery.


Sculpture Sea ecology

Piece of Mind
Kathy Holowko
(made of recycled plastics to remind us that we are part of the planet’s ecological cycles)

Sculpture sea art ecology

Collective Thinking
indoor version
Kathy Holowko

Some sculptures are





made of flesh and blood.

sister niece art human

Spontaneous Sister-and-Niece Sunlit Sculpture

Some sculptures

are even more spontaneous

and even more fleeting,

but no less extraordinary

for being unphotographed.

What do I mean by this?


A pod of whales frolicked, splashed, sprayed, heaved and breached close enough to the shore to be seen and loved even by Late-Middle-Aged eyes. This was unexpected magnificence – a true collaboration between heart, art, nature, place and time.

In case you’ve never seen the splendid sight, here are some pix…
Images of whales breaching.

Sculpture by the Sea living breathing outdoor (and some indoor) free art gallery is OPEN until Sunday 5th November. Here’s the link to Sculpture by the Sea Facebook Page.



5 thoughts on “Sculpture by the Sea

  1. I am not sure which amuses me most; the Inconvenience Store or the Spontaneous Sister-and- Niece Sunlit sculpture. The latter was a great interaction with the sculptures. I really must remember to schedule an Oct/Nov trip to Sydney one year. I have seen so many wonderful photos of the Sculpture by the Sea events over the years but I’ve not yet seen the event in person. Wow to the whales.

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    • Yes – it is well worth doing the sculpture walk. It’s a beautiful area of coastline. Hilly. You have to be fairly able-bodied, that’s the only thing. One year I went with a Melbourne friend who was captivated by the view and couldn’t focus on the sculptures at all.
      WHALES! I felt lucky.

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        • Oh don’t let me put you off. You can go slowly. You can pause a lot. You can just visit one section of the walk and see plenty. There are a heaps of sculptures in Mark’s Park alone. I s’pose I was just thinking about how wonderfully accessible the whole thing is, then realised that actually, if you have serious mobility issues, it’s not so easy.
          It was actually refreshing for me, realising I’d momentarily forgotten about nursing homes, walking frames and wheelchairs. And that I’m lucky enough to be able to forget about these challenges. Does that make sense?

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