Middle-Aged Crazy Art Lady Strikes Again

This time, she’s more like Late Middle-Aged or Early-Old Crazy Art Lady.

She’s just turned fifty-nine. Fifty-nine.

How can that be?

Her Inner (and often Outer) Child

is seven.

art play beach

Beach character
What could his or her name be?
Sally Swain crazy-art-play with driftwood, feathers and seaweed

Two years ago

MACAL (short for Middle-Aged Crazy Art Lady) shared her

impromptu beach sculptural installations.

Beach Mandala found object sculpture

Beach Mandala
plastic, shelly, junky, funky, probably smelly and washed away by now

Two years ago, she told you of her Bad Hair Decade. Decade. Here’s her not-quite-so-bad impromptu hair sculptural installation from this year.

pink hair Sally Swain

If in doubt, colour it pink
Sally’s Not-Quite-So-Bad-Hair-Moment

She told of a lowered self-consciousness quotient – one of the redeeming features of this Late-Middle-Early-Old age.

She introduced Julia Cameron’s notion of the Artist Date. This is a wonderful wonderful notion.

May you release


Inner Late-Middle-Aged

or Early-Old Crazy Art Lady


on an unsuspecting beach near you

some time soon.

beach art installation

Beach character
with banksia dress
Sally Swain crazy-art-play

with love, art and soul from Sally


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  1. Happy 59 dear Sally!! Beautiful-crazy-art-lady that you are!! I love your crazy beach installations! May you continue to cherish each moment of growing older, disgracefully and artfully! Love (other) Sally xoxo

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