Get that light into you

sunrays green pink photo

Who’dve thought sunrays could be so pink?

It’s ‘the blending of earthly and celestial life’,

according to Mr Free Play*.

Get that light into you.

C’mon. Drink

it in.

Mix it into a light-and-air cocktail.

autumn light paperbark

Melaleuca paperbark
in the late afternoon autumn light

Bask in autumn gold as the sun dances down.

fern green gold alchemy

green gold ferny foliage

Lightish air or airy light wafts around your ears after the rains.

Drink it, breathe it through your soggy, cloggy pores.

green gold alchemy

green gold alchemy

Drink it, breathe that light through your bores of chores from being indoors.

It is free.

You are free.

Create an impression of an Impressionist.

Sally Swain original art

Sally Swain © original art

Get that light into you.

melaleuca light

resting paperbark
in the afternoon light

C’mon. Drink it in.

sunrays foliage afternoon light

less pink, more gold now

*Some words from Stephen Nachmanovitch’s book, Free Play – The Power of Improvisation in Life and the Arts. From the chapter called ‘the Muse’:

‘Khidr is the “green gold” that the alchemists were trying to make, the color of foliage with sunlight shining through it. This color is the blending of earthly and celestial life. It is neither an abstraction nor a mystical dream, but the everyday chemistry of photosynthesis by which we live.

Each image of the muse illuminates one of the infinitely many shapes that creativity can take.


The muse is the living voice, as each of us experiences it, of intuition.


The simplest yet most elusive lesson in life is learning to listen to that guiding voice.’

How about you?

Does light inspire you?
Who or what is a muse for your creativity? 


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