Creative Life Force

You have it.

Whether it’s a flare or a flicker;

a surge or a trickle;

an ebb or a flow,

you have Creative Life Force.

We all do.

Here’s a little picture, no bigger than a handkerchief, with an absurdly long title.

small painting Sally Swain

Title to be revealed…read on…
Sally Swain © original art

Want to know the title? Get ready. Grab yourself

a cuppa, silence your phone, tell everyone you’re in a meeting. This is it.


All Those Flame, Petal, Leaf, Seed, Mandorla Shapes? You Know What They Are? Creative Life Force.

(You might need to allow yourself a recovery period before going onto the next activity of your day.)

How does this little picture, no bigger than a handkerchief, with its absurdly long title feature in its very own blog post?

What did it do to deserve the attention?

This wee picture deserves its own blog post because it’s about Creative Life Force.

To my mind, Creative Life Force is like chi, prana or the essence of all things. Or Eros according to Freud, or ‘the force that through the green fuse drives the flower’ according to Dylan Thomas. It is vital. It flows through all sentient beings and possibly through rocks and concrete too.

Talking of rocks, Creative Life Force Rocks the Known (and Unknown) World.

It’s the juice, the joy, the forward movement towards actualisation and interconnectedness. It’s what we need to honour and cultivate.

We look at it, we observe it as it whooshes through us. We also look at and observe the blockages and hindrances; the cloggy uppy bits. We work and play with the clots, the Inner Critic, the sense of unworthiness or of obligation, the depression, the resistances. We find ways to work and play with the obstructions of Creative Life Force and to return to it.

We find ways to nurture, encourage and free up the flow.

For this is who we truly are. We need to express ourselves in the world, in safe, authentic, health-giving, life-affirming ways that connect us back together again.

And there we have it. That’s the reason why this humble painting occupies pride of place right here right now.

Thank you for listening to my diatribe, my passion. I’ll have to fan my face and cool down, even though it’s winter in Sydney.

Can you sense Creative Life Force circulating through you?
How might you cultivate it?
And…can you stay perched on the edge of your seat ready for next week’s even longer painting title?


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