Who’s the Dinosaur?

Then I had a week in which people from my long-ago world kept surfacing. In person, on social media; some were alive; some were not.

Emotions stirred, swirled, whirled.

I walked at night past an inner city shop – Dove and Lyre Fossils and Crystals. There was a dinosaur footprint sitting in the window. 

Dinosaur footprint in  Dove and Lyre shop

Dinosaur footprint
Dove and Lyre shop

A dinosaur footprint?

Really? Why were people just walking past, ignoring this? Shouldn’t there be museum-extravaganza-style queues?
A dinosaur footprint. Very very old. 

I had a rare moment of connecting with Deep Time.

And created a picture.

Sally Swain art

Putting Life in Perspective
Sally Swain © original art



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