From POG to BLOG in forty years

A Creative Source Story….

I am sixteen. I sit on the beige 1970s oval rug in the family room, with my sister and my best friend.  We are surrounded by pencils, paper, Perkins Paste,scissors and magazines such as POL.   

POL is supercool, stylish. I dream of living among its pages; of being tall, slender, popular, with a floppy crocheted hat.

We cut the title from its glossy cover page.   

With the substitution of a mere letter, we invent… POG.




We design, laugh, arrange, laugh, cut, laugh, paste, laugh, rearrange. Oh. And laugh.

We don’t know it, but

we are engaging in ‘lila’(Sanskrit), or the art of divine play. We are actively, creatively, trying to make sense of our 1970s teenage world. We are taking what is offered and digesting it, processing it, re-presenting it in a new configuration.

POG beauty

POG beauty

‘POG!’, we yell at one another, causing explosive giggles.   All we need to do to induce laughter, well into our 20s, 30s and beyond, is say ‘POG’.

Fast forward to now. What am I doing? Creating, writing, arting, snipping, tucking, rearranging, editing, designing, reconfiguring. Not so much laughing, but I’m having a ball making a BLOG.

From POG to BLOG in forty years.

Do you have a memory of playful creative absorption from your early life? If so, does it connect with your adult creativity? Would you like it to?
I call these Creative Source Stories.

POG groover

POG groover


10 thoughts on “From POG to BLOG in forty years

  1. My dear hoarder friend – is that really the First edition of POG I see there? Thank you for the opportunity for another giggle. Perkins paste – was there anything it couldn’t do? Lots of love x

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  2. Circa 1978, attending a Conference of some kind for Families with my sibs and hippy parents. I was in my middle primary school years and I still have very vivid memoriies of sitting in a hall on the floor with lots of other families cutting up old mags and glueing pictures of what Family meant to us onto large sheets of cardboard. I’d never done anything remotely like that before. Such fun to play arouond with all the images and make picture stories! It kickstarted a love affair with cutting, glueing and creating new worlds with collage.

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